I've never had Asthma..but from what I hear, it is terrible. The feeling of not being able to breath. There's so many trigger combinations..and those that are affected the most are those who don't have health insurance. Those who can't afford the medications.

Sam, a fellow central Minnesota  girl, has suffered with asthma her entire life, and has recently spent many days in the hospital from these episodes.

Here is her story:

I've had asthma since I was a kid. If you're unfamiliar with asthma, this is when your bronchial tubes and lungs become inflamed and over produce mucus which then causes you to basically suffocate if not treated immediately. It is a serious medical issue that can easily result in death. In recent years, with the environmental changes, lengthening allergy season, and rising drug prices, I haven't been able to afford the medications I need to live. Because of this, I've either been rationing my medications or going without when I'm unable to refill my prescriptions. Now, I've missed too much work, had multiple ER visits, and now a couple of hospitalizations. After insurance, my medications are around $600/month and each hospital stay has been $5,000. Please, if you're able, contribute to this fund so I'm able to pay down my medical debts and afford my medications so that I'm able to live a productive life. Thank you for your time. -Sam Doyle


If you would like to contribute, click HERE now to learn more and to go to Sam's Go Fund Me page.