Apparently Minnesotans are gluttons for punishment.

Despite all of our complaining about winter refusing to give way to spring, A New Study claims that the warm weather makes us...angry.

If it snows once more flake I SWEAR!! (Getty Images)


Not only does hot weather makes us angry, it also makes us dumber and more violent. Joy!

Polish researchers collected spit samples from weirdo volunteers, who were also tasked with filling out a lifestyle questionnaire.

It all has to do with that lovely stress hormone called cortisol. It tends to be jacked up higher during the summer than in the winter.


The researchers even believe that the study has implications for public health. You see, cortisol also regulates sugar, salt, and fluids throughout the body.

When it comes to the fight-or-flight response, the raised cortisol also makes us more inclined to fight.

Sunny, 80 degrees, with a 100% chance of a BEATDOWN! (Getty Images)

H/T: Daily Mail

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