ST. CLOUD -- With the recent frigid temperatures in central Minnesota, the Tri-County Humane Society is reminding us how to keep our fur babies safe.

Kate Kompas is the volunteer and events coordinator at the Tri-County Humane Society. She says the most important tasks a pet owner needs to do is bring their pet inside.

"We recommend that most pets prefer to be indoor pets anyway. In times like this when the weather is dangerously cold, even for Minnesota, it's very important to think about their safety and make sure they have proper shelter."

If bringing your pet inside is not an option, a heated, insulated outdoor shelter would be the next best option. Kompas says when it gets below five degrees, the Tri-County Humane Society doesn't recommend keeping any pets outside.


As for taking your dog out to go do their business, Kompas says the quicker the better for these sub-zero conditions.

"For our dogs here we bring them out to potty and bring them immediately back inside, just mere minutes outside."

Some accessories can help such as sweaters, jackets and boots for pups that might need it.

As for cats, once again bring them inside if possible. Kompas says if you have a cat that likes to be outside or maybe it's a stray cat, you can build an outdoor shelter for them to help them stay warm. The Tri-County Humane Society can help give you learn how to do this.

One last reminder, although our furry friends do have fur that typically isn't enough to keep them warm. Of course, it depends on the breed but Kompas says most of the time their fur will only help protect them for a short period of time.


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