Our smartphones rule our lives...to the point that people are going back to "dumb phones" just to get their lives back.

Humans truly are a different breed.


How To Properly Be On The Phone Like in the 1950s

1.  "Answer calls promptly, on the first or second ring if possible.  It gets the call off to a favorable start." Yeah right. We'll answer right away if it's a potential booty call, otherwise we won't answer until we've googled the phone number.

2.  "Greet the caller in a friendly, courteous manner.  Be alert, enthusiastic, and sincere throughout the call." In today's troll culture, conversations are to be sarcastic with copious amounts of name-calling.

3.  "Speak directly into the phone, so they can hear you.  Your lips should be about half an inch from the receiver." Not happening. You're gonna have to shout because you're both on speakerphone and both refuse to turn off your music to take the call.

H/T: Gizmodo

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