Gotta get away?

I actually remember my life before Facebook. Even before MySpace. Seemed a lot more peaceful back then.

It's great to reconnect with old friends and be able to network all in the same place, but sometimes you've gotsta just disconnect from tech.

A New Study has struck again, this time telling us that out stress levels lower five days after deleting our Facebook account.


Think about it: no more political arguments. No more correcting grammar/spelling. No more being tagged in embarrassing photos. No more "On This Day" reminding you of the stupid things you used to do/people you used to hang with.

I'd delete my FB account if I could, but I work in multimedia, so I'm kinda stuck using meditation and Johnny Walker to de-stress.

Now, there is a 'side effect' to deleting your Facebook page: you miss out on the dopamine bursts when you get a bunch of likes on your post. Researchers call it lower "life satisfaction."

But when it comes to your sanity, it might just be time to find "life satisfaction" elsewhere.

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