Believe it or not, even though we have a state bird, a state fish, state flower, state tree, state drink, state bee; We are only one of 7 states that don't have a state fossil.

The Science Museum of Minnesota is working on changing that, and they want you to vote on what fossil you think should be our state fossil.


Wisconsin State Fossil: Calymene Celebra (It's a Trilobite)
South Dakota Fossil:  Triceratops Horridus (They went big)
North Dakota Fossil: Petrified Wood (Not exciting. But kind of cool).

Now that you know what our neighbors have picked, what fossil would you choose as our state fossil?  You can vote by clicking HERE.

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I guess when I think about fossils, I think about different parts of the planet, where you often hear of people doing archeological work and finding dinosaur bones to be later presented to us in museums all over the world. I never really asked the question...What fossils do we find in Minnesota?

Of course, it only makes sense that fossils are found everywhere, but some of the oldest fossils that have been found here in our great state are called Cephalopods, and are found around Precambrian Iron formations in the northeastern part of the state. According to Minnesota DNR, the fossils are over two billion years old.

There have also been a lot of shark teeth, snails, clams and oysters found in north central Minnesota from around 100 million years ago the southern part of the state.


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