Today is National Donut Day and I've got donuts on the brain, for sure!

It seems like you can get donuts anywhere and everywhere these days, but the real question is, where can you get the good ones?

I'm a fan of the donuts you can get from smaller bakeries.  They just have that homemade taste to them and it can't be beat.  When I was younger, there was a lady that lived across the street from my great grandmother in Farwell (near Alexandria) and she would make donuts.  They were amazing!  I don't like plain donuts but those were so good and the only ones that have come close are those from smaller bakeries.

If I had to pick favorite places to get donuts, Cold Spring Bakery comes to mind as does Herman's in Cambridge.  I also think Coborn's does a good job with theirs too!

Where would you say has the best donuts in Central Minnesota?



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