If you were looking forward to injecting your own donuts at the fair, you might want to reevaluate your "must-eat" list.

The Wingwalker Donut Flight was supposed to be available at The Hangar at the State Fair. The new treat would allow customers to fill their own donuts with three fillings (Bavarian cream, chocolate custard and lingonberry jam) served in plastic syringes.


With three separate single-use plastic syringes going out with every order, people stated worrying about what kind of impact that would have on the environment. A petition was started in Change.org and amassed over 3,800 signatures to get The Hangar to fill the donuts themselves and leave the syringes off the tray.

That was enough to get The Hangar to pull their treat from the 2019 new food lineup. As an alternative they will be offering cake donut holes served in a compostable tray that has three compartments for dunking into the different fillings. Which I guess are now coatings, but the compostable serving tray is far better for the environment when you think about the millions of syringes that would've potentially ended up in landfills come September.

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