Is it possible to find true factual information in a time when fear rules the world?

Right now, everyone I know is on one side of the fence or the other regarding vaccinations over Covid-19.  Some people I know think that FACEBOOK (please no) is the place they should find valuable and true information regarding vaccines. Some people I know believe that all media lies, and that their group of friends and family in social media are really the people that have all the answers. Ugh. My home is divided. We choose to not judge each other on our opinions.

Some people believe that it's all a government conspiracy.   Government created this, and they are trying to control the population. (Hmmm...Well it's working I guess).

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Have you heard this one? "The government is trying to turn us into Zombies." "The vaccine will give us HIV 10 years from now" (yes...someone I know told me that).  "There's a chip in the needle that they are injecting into me to control me".

I have to say...Wow. That's pretty impressive stuff. This vaccine is doing all of that? I feel like everyone just listened to a broadcast of "War of the Worlds" and are going to jump out of windows because of an alien invasion.

Some people don't want to get vaccinated because they were not considered 'A Frontline Worker' in the beginning, and so they feel that their lives didn't matter then, and they don't matter now. This one still baffles me.


Wouldn't it be nice if we could find true, fact based information and make a decision for ourselves based on that knowledge? Whether or not someone was telling me I had to get the vaccine or not? If you were drowning and someone was throwing you a life jacket, would you really turn it down in the name of pride?

There actually ARE places you can go to avoid all the rumors, the chatter, the upset about vaccine information.  Somewhere along the line you have to search for the BEST POSSIBLE information out there. There are good people in the world, that really do want to find cures and help others.

These might NOT be perfect, but they are better than Facebook and Social Media or even the evening news.


The people who work here are doctors, scientists, researchers and analysts. The CDC bases its findings completely on science based information. Science and public health information is updated on a continual basis.


WHO works worldwide to help improve health all across our globe. 8,000 professionals in the health and sciences fields come together to find solutions to some of the worlds biggest problems.


This site offers accurate, timely and factual information for approximately 4,000 visitors to the site per day.


Offering science based knowledge, the mission of the Minnesota Department of Health is to improve the life of all Minnesotans, with transparency, open communication and timeliness.


A very good friend of mine said to me what I've been thinking about during this crazy time. "There are times in life when the "I" is less important than "WE."  At some point, we need to look around us, and see what's happening, and not just bury our heads in the sand. WE make up our government. WE find cures for diseases. WE can be selfish and at other times, wonderful and caring. With people dying in mass numbers, most of our ICU's filled with people who are unvaccinated,  common sense, without being told anything at all, would step in.  In my opinion, our selfish decisions are going to wipe us off the planet.  We have a way to beat this. It might not be a perfect cure, and as we work on finding better solutions, the clock is ticking.

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