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We've all been there: the food you get isn't the food you ordered. But it leaves a conundrum: do I send it back and risk an incident like from Waiting?

Premier Of Lions Gate Feature "Waiting" - Arrivals
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If you've never seen Waiting, you're missing out. It's a surprisingly accurate portrayal of life in the food service industry. Anyone that's been a waiter or a line cook can relate to the movie.

So when is it okay to send your food back? You're probably thinking, "ANYTIME THEY MESS IT UP!" Well, here are some legit reasons to send your food back to the kitchen.

1) There's a fly in my soup!

Or a hair. Or a band-aid. Or a finger.

Other than the gross factor, someone might need that finger back.

2) Surprise! It's anaphylaxis!

You carefully scoured the menu and ordered one of the few things that didn't say it had onions, which you're allergic to. When the food arrives it's covered in onions. This isn't about being picky, this is about your health. Especially if the menu listed the ingredients and onions (or whatever you're allergic to) was not mentioned. Even worse is if the menu did list onions, you asked for your dish to be without onions, and it came with onions anyway.

3) Under/Over cooked 

Ever order a steak medium-rare and it arrived a burnt brick? Send it back. Does your chicken strips still have feathers? SEND IT BACK AND LEAVE.

4) I didn't order my salad broiled!

If your cold food arrives hot, or vice versa, send it back.

5) I didn't order this!

You ordered a medium-rare steak and the server sets down a chicken strips basket. Hell naw. Gimme steak or gimme death!

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