Yeah, I know we haven't been able to get out and enjoy things much lately -- but what would you miss the most (other than friends & family) if you moved away from Minnesota? Lakes, the Mall of America, Pete & Kelly? :)  Let us know what you'd miss, and see our answers -- and the rest of 'em as they come in. You betcha!

Let us know what you'd miss by calling us at 320-252-9897, texting us with the CHAT button on the 98.1 mobile app, tweeting us (@981Country), on Facebook, or by shooting us an email. Here are Pete & Kelly's answers, as well as the rest of what we've read so far:

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  • PETE:  The water, the small towns, Vikings & Twins.
  • KELLY:  The lakes, and my parents.
  • JIM:  The four seasons.
  • LISA: Country music festivals.
  • OLIVIA: Weekends at the lake.
  • DAVE:  Local sports teams.
  • ELLA: Fall colors & State Fair.
  • JENNY:  'Minnesota nice.' We really are nicer up here.
  • ASHLEY: My family!
  • BRIANNA:  Hunting in the Fall with the beautiful leaves.
  • LIZ:  Meat raffles!
  • JANICE:  The north shore. Summer weekend trips to Duluth & Grand Marais.
  • AMORETTE:  The scenery.
  • NATE:  Ice fishing.
  • STACI: Little Falls Art Fair!!!!
  • RICKY:  Snowmobiling and waterskiing!!
  • MARK: Social distancing. NOT!
  • TAMMI:  Hot dishes.  :)
  • RICH:  Minnesota State Fair.
  • TRAVIS:  The Vikes.
  • DILLON:  The Vikings.
  • TONYA:  Mall of America!
  • SKIP:  Ice fishing.
  • LEVI: The walleye opener.

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