Have you ever wondered what YOUR chances are of getting Covid-19? I think about myself as being fairly protected. I received my Moderna shots about 6 months ago, and feel like most of the time, I'm not really within 6 feet of people. I work at the radio station, and even when I'm performing on the weekends, I'm typically alone by myself in the stage area, always 6 feet away.

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But after taking this Covid risk assessment, it made me realize that...wow...I probably have more of a chance of getting Covid-19 than I thought.


There is an online calculator risk assessment that you can take to find out what the chances are that you are like or not likely to get covid.  There are several calculators on many state government sites as well, although I didn't see one on Minnesota's government site.

The COVID-19 RISK CALCULATOR I used, showed that I had a score of 57 out of 100 for contracting Covid-19.  That's about a 50/50 chance for me. I thought my odds would be much lower, but the score was based on things that I didn't necessarily think about.


Things that were taken into consideration were:

  • Data from the county I live in
  • Vaccinations
  • Behaviors, like how often I wash my hands
  • How many other people live in my house and their contact with others when they are outside of the house as well as their vaccination status, and behaviors.
  • Age

    If you would like to take the quiz, you can click on the calculator by clicking HERE, and the calculator will give you results, as well as inform you of things you can do to help better protect yourself.

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