Do you ever get a message from someone with a bunch of abbreviations and you just aren't sure what they mean?

It becomes a game of sorts for me...I think about the context of the message the person sent me, and then try to figure out the millions of combinations this short abbreviation could mean.

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It's easy to see why so many people think that LOL means something other than "Laugh Out Loud".  Many people think it means 'Lots of Love'...thus...a "Laugh Out Loud" response can be a very cruel response when the message is of a serious tone.  I, on the other hand, get silly messages all the time, and thus, I've become accustomed to LOL.

There are other messages that throw me for a loop.  For example DM.  Doctor of Medicine?  Don't Mom? Do More?  What the heck?


Yesterday, I received a message from a friend of mine on Facebook, (or FB if you know your abbreviations).  The message was from a friend who is starting her own business, and she sent a message saying, "Send me a DM with questions."

Hmmmm....D......M. It seemed harmless enough. She told me to DM her. I'm assuming she wanted me to get back to her somehow, but it was driving me crazy wondering what DM meant.  Simple enough. After searching the internet, I found that it simply means,  Direct Message.   She was just asking me to Direct Message her if I had any questions about it.

But this led me down a path of no return, to share with you some of the most common abbreviations, and what they actually mean. So here we go.


According to TechTarget.com, these are SOME common abbreviations and their meanings. Mostly the ones I see.

  • ?4U             I have a question for you
  • <3               (That's a heart)
  • 121             One to One
  • 2                 To (in texting)
  • 2EZ             Too easy
  • 2G2BT        Too good to be true
  • 2MORO      Tomorrow
  • 2NITE          Tonight
  • 4                 For (in texting)
  • AAMOF       As a matter of fact
  • ABT            About
  • ADDY          Address
  • ADMIN        Administration
  • AMIIC          Ask me if I care
  • AND           Any day now
  • AFAIK         As far as I know
  • AH              At home
  • AKA           Also known as
  • ALOL         Actually laughing out loud
  • APP          Application
  • ASAP        As soon as possible
  • ATB           All the best
  • AYDY        Are you done yet?
  • B2W         Back to work
  • B4            Before
  • BBL          Be back later
  • BC            Because
  • BD            Big deal
  • BIF            Before I forget
  • BRB          Be right back
  • BTW          By the way
  • BYOB        Bring your own beer
  • BYOC        Bring your own computer
  • BOYD        Bring your own device
  • CID           Consider it done
  • CLK          Click
  • CRAY       Crazy
  • CU           See you
  • DGT         Don't go there
  • DL           Download
  • DM          Direct Message
  • EAK         Eating at keyboard
  • EOM        End of Message
  • EZ            Easy
  • FB            Facebook
  • FIMH        Forever in my heart
  • FOMO      Fear of missing out
  • FYI           For your information
  • G2G        Got to go
  • G2Cu      Good to see you
  • Gd          Good
  • GFI         Go for it
  • GB2W    Get back to work
  • H8          Hate
  • HAND     Have a nice day
  • HRU       How are you?
  • HW         Homework
  • IC           I see
  • ILY          I love you
  • IM          Instant message
  • IMO        In my opinion
  • IMS        I'm sorry
  • IMU        I miss you
  • IRL         In real life
  • JIC       Just in case
  • KEWL    Cool (seriously?!)
  • L8R       Later
  • LIC        Like I care
  • LOL       Laughing out loud
  • LOTI      Laughing on the inside
  • MEH     So so or just okay
  • MSG     Message
  • MYOB     Mind your own business
  • N00b      Newbie
  • N2M       Not too much
  • NBD        No big deal
  • NFS        Not for sale
  • NYOB      None of your business
  • OBV        Obviously
  • OH          Overheard
  • OG          Original Gangster
  • OMDB     Over my dead body
  • OMY        On my way
  • OS           Operating System
  • OT            Off-topic
  • OTFl          On the floor laughing
  • OYO          On your own
  • PDA           Public display of affection
  • PLS            Please
  • R               Are
  • ROFL         Rolling on the floor laughing
  • RT             Retweet
  • SH            Shut up
  • SOL          Sooner or later
  • SYL           See you later
  • TBD          To be determined
  • TGIF          Thank God it's Friday
  • TL             Too long
  • TWSS       That's what she said
  • TTYS        Talk to you soon
  • TYT           Take your time
  • VM            Voicemail
  • WAH         Working at home
  • WBU         What about You?
  • WTG          Way to go
  • WYGAM     When you get a minute
  • Y                Why?
  • XOXO        Hugs and kisses
  • YHBW       You have been warned
  • YNK           You never know


What about things we say here in Minnesota? I think we deserve our own abbreviations, especially since we've been using them since we've been a state.

  • OPE                  Meaning Oopsy-Daisy
  • YBCHA             You betcha
  • UFDA                Uff-da
  • HB!                   Holy Buckets
  • SKOL               Go Vikings
  • BGE                 Budge
  • O4CT              Oh for Cute!
  • CHD               Cheesehead
  • CPOLA            Crapola
  • DNCHANO      Don't Cha Know
  • HD                  Hotdish
  • JL                   Juicy Lucy
  • LTFSK            Lutefisk
  • MN:-)             Minnesota Nice
  • MOA             Mall of America
  • POP              Soda
  • TC                The cities
  • TL                 The lake
  • UN                Up North
  • TOT               Top the Tator

Now that you have learned some new abbreviations, are you going to bother sending them to all your friends who have no idea what you're talking about?


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