I'm a twenty-six-year-old adult woman, and the Easter Bunny still makes a stop to my parent's house every year to bring me an Easter basket. I've got a feeling it'll be like that for the rest of my life. I think it's kind of endearing and it takes me back to my childhood. I mean, I'm an adult who could easily go out and buy myself a few bags of candy, but there's something special and completely adorable about getting a basket from the Easter bunny filled with candies I loved as a child.


I personally don't think you're ever too old to get an Easter basket. Who doesn't love jelly beans, Milk Duds and chocolate bunnies?! I have hated Peeps ever since I can remember but for some reason I still get Peeps in my basket every year and I seem to enjoy them one day a year. It just wouldn't feel like Easter without them.

However, I know some other adults who don't get Easter baskets from their Easter Bunny anymore. The Easter Bunny stopped making an appearance at their house when they got a little older. So, what age were you when the Easter Bunny stopped making a special trip to your house with a basket of candy?

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