When you listen to 98.1FM, you hear the music, hear the hosts on-air and everything usually runs smoothly. What you don't see is the behind the scenes planning of events throughout the year and the brainstorming sessions that go on to come up with what we are going to do for our fantastic listeners. Once in a while, someone will toss out an idea that one of us should dress up like (insert character here) and go do some sort of appearance. After last year's fail when Wolf dressed up as an Easter Bunny, we have all decided that it is a bad idea for announcers to be put into costume - EVER.

I probably should have placed a call to this television station earlier, but alas, someone decided to dress up one of the employees as a character to be "cute".

This reporter starts off fine outside the house with the kids, but things turn south quickly as they all gather in the backyard. These poor kids might have nightmares after witnessing this!