Sometimes you see a video that warms your heart, other times you might find a video that makes you laugh hysterically. This video is more of the second type, as this kid has an overreaction to this "Grinch" busting into the house and taking off with some presents.

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The video was Tweeted out by @DailyLoud on Twitter and it shows a younger kid, maybe 7 or 8 protecting his castle, brother/friend, and their gifts from the green Grinch who makes his way into the home with an empty sack in his hand.

I couldn't help myself, I just had to laugh at this. The kid, who is in his defense trying to keep his gifts from being taken, just absolutely tries to decimate the uninvited guest, yelling for the Grinch to get out, and throws a pillow at him, and then getting off the couch, chasing down the Grinch, and looks to land a few punches on the green intruder.

Whoever was inside the costume may have underestimated this plucky kid.

Eventually, the kid is held back by another adult, allowing the Grinch to get his hands on two gifts and then he stuffed them in his sack before being shown the door by this young boy.

I have NO idea where this was recorded, and I have no context as to why the Grinch was out taking gifts, but I do know it was pretty amusing to watch.

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