I think at the beginning of the pandemic we thought that people might be drinking more than normal, because they were home, and having 'virtual drinking parties' or just drinking alone might cause us to be more intoxicated than we were on a regular basis.

But apparently, the pandemic has had a positive change for our Minnesota drinking habits.

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Even though fixing drinks at home is cheaper, and you don't have to spend time in long lines waiting for your next beverage, 94% of drinkers in Minnesota say that they have consumed less alcohol when virtually hanging out with their friends as compared to when they are hanging out together at real gathering.

The information and study done by, also found that Minnesotans haven't given up all their so-called 'bad habits.' Apparently, many people are still finding it fun to play drinking games virtually, which can be okay if you're doing it for a limited period of time. However, according to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, extending your party for another hour can lead to severe issues, like binge drinking.

Many women say that virtual drinking's main benefit? It's safer than drinking out in public. No chance of worrying about friends driving intoxicated and hurting themselves or someone else.

7% of those surveyed said they liked the fact that there was no pressure to stay on the virtual drinking call, and that they felt like they could leave at any time. 11% said they like it better because it's much cheaper than getting together in public. Many others liked the fact that there's virtually no waiting when you're a person that likes mixed cocktails or frozen drinks.



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