Are you over 21? Yes or no.

If you've ever tried to enter a website that sells or features "adult products," you've probably had to answer that question before continuing on.

That feature is called an age-checker or age-verifier. According the Claspo "age verification is a must for websites that offer age-sensitive products like alcohol and cigarettes, adult-only video content, online games, and other stuff like that." Akin to showing your ID for a drink at a bar or for cigarettes at the gas station, the website age checker is -- in theory -- a similar preventative measure to a minor being exposed to something they shouldn't be.

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My wife and I are big craft beer enthusiasts. While we haven't made it to all 200+ breweries around the state of Minnesota, we've likely visited each brewery's website to learn more about them. Not every brewery has an age checker (they're not legally required), but some do. While most adults -- myself included -- rush their way through the age verification process to get to the content they're looking for, you may be surprised at some of the happy surprises waiting for you if you click the No button or by indicating that you're underage instead.

Here are seven Minnesota brewery websites that lead to some pretty epic Rick Roll-esque underage redirects:

7 Minnesota Brewery Websites with Epic Underage Redirects

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