We all gripe about having to take our shoes off when we go through airport security, but according to a list of items confiscated this year by the TSA, footwear may be the least of its concerns.

Of the 375 million passengers that have gone through TSA checkpoints, some accidentally leave things in their purses or pockets that they shouldn’t — but others are far more brazen.

For example, 821 firearms have been discovered in carry-on bags, and one person even tried to bury one in a potted plant to get it through. Out of those 821, 691 were loaded, while 210 were locked and loaded.

Some travelers also packed explosives alongside their toothbrushes, while others just couldn’t travel without their swords.

Other items found?

  • bear mace
  • a spear gun
  • dead, venomous snakes
  • chainsaw full of gas
  • chastity belt

Since it’s not illegal, the belt wasn’t confiscated — but unless someone was thwarting a partner’s plans to join the Mile High club, maybe that’s the type of the thing that’s best left at home.


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