I usually am heading down to MSP this time of year to catch a flight someplace warmer, but this is something I never thought about as I travel over the holidays. When traveling via airplane, you're not supposed to wrap any Christmas gifts you are traveling with.

Marty Robinson, Minnesota’s TSA federal security director, shared:

It’s better to put them in a holiday bag because if a suspicious item is inside or it alerts, we have to unwrap it. So the holiday bag is the way to do it, or to do the wrapping on the other side (of security).

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Using a gift bag, or not wrapping it at all is crucial for making security lines go faster. Travel is still down overall, but the numbers of people flying are up from 2020, which means more people need to go through check-in and security lines. Roy Fuhrmann, COO of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, told WCCO:

We know that there’s gonna be busy times, especially early in the morning. We just ask passengers to come early. We recommend about two hours on a domestic flight and three hours on an international.

Early is on time when it comes to air travel. No one wants to be the person that missed their flight. I'd rather sit at a gate for two hours bored out of my mind than be running through the airport, rushing to get there at the last minute.

Safe travels to you this holiday season!

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