Halloween is coming, and this year it looks like it might be a alright to move back to normal trick or treating behaviors.  Mostly.  So, this brings the question.... where do you bring your kids to trick or treat? Do you hang out in your own neighborhood or do you go to a neighborhood that you feel is "better"?

I know that there are neighborhoods that are supposedly better as far as the "candy getting" than other places.  People talk about getting a full sized candy bar at some houses or having a bowl outside to choose your own candy from (that one is risky) or going places that have more kids than other neighborhoods so that there are more houses around giving out candy than some neighborhood that doesn't participate as much in the Trick or Treating ritual.

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If you live in one of these "better" neighborhoods, how do you feel about kids from other neighborhoods, sometimes other towns, coming and trick or treating in your neighborhood?  Is it totally fine or do you feel like maybe they should stick to their own neighborhood or side of town and let the chips fall where they may?  Just because you live somewhere that isn't necessarily as affluent as another neighborhood should you be penalized for that?  Shouldn't everyone be able to get free candy everywhere and anywhere for the "free candy" day otherwise known as Halloween?  Or should everyone stay where they live....or at least in the area that they live in?

I've heard people complain and say things like "they don't live here", "they shouldn't be in this neighborhood" or "why are they trick or treating in this neighborhood? They don't live here".  Is this ok or not?

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