Beauty & The Beast Was AWESOME, A Must See
As a Disney kid at heart, you can bet I was ecstatic to find out that Disney was coming out with a live-action version of one of my favorite films. I've been waiting months to see this movie and this weekend I finally went to Marcus Parkwood Cinema and saw it
Ashton Kutcher Taking up Country Music and Set to Play Steve Jobs
I thought Ashton Kutcher was busy enough with his new role on 'Two and a Half Men' and divorcing Demi Moore, but I guess he was looking for something more to add to his plate. It was announced yesterday (April 1) that Ashton has signed on to play the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an indie biopic.  The actor also serenaded the crowd at the ACM Awards last night with a George Strait Tune. Read
Is Ferris Bueller Taking Another Day Off? [VIDEO]
Mathew Broderick is staring in a Super Bowl commercial and by the looks of the ten second commercial teaser that was just released, it will be promoting an upcoming 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off 2'. If this does in fact turn out to be true, I will be super excited! This ten second teaser has me on the edge of my seat, I can't wait to watch commercials next Sunday! ...oh and football too I suppose. Rea

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