There have been a handful of spin-offs and sequels since the very first 'America Pie' hit theaters in 1999, the most recent one being 'American Reunion' which opened this past weekend. I went to see it Saturday night, and here is why you need to go see it as well.

If you have heard anything about the latest sequel to the raunchy comedy I'm sure it has been about the fact that the entire original cast is back for the latest installment. Which would be correct, and honestly made a huge difference in the film. It was great to see the original actors back together playing there parts 13 years later.

Also back from the original film, is the set. I noticed it right away, and really appreciated the fact that Jim's bedroom, Stiffler's house, the popular hang-out, and even the Levenstein kitchen where the famous apple pie scene went down, were all the same.

As a whole, the movie was funny, it is definitely worth seeing. And yes, Stiffler is just as vulgar and obscene as an adult as he was as a teenager. What I do suggest, if possible, watch the original movie before you see the latest, you will pick up on a lot of small details that were incorporated to tie the two films together, it's pretty cool.

Did you see the film yet? If so, what did you think?