As my Co-Worker was just walking out of our office, he turned to me, with mask on, and said, "I can't imagine what it will be like when we DON'T have to wear masks anymore."


After he said that, I started thinking about it. Everyday when I get ready for work, I reach to my pull over mask as the last step before I leave my house, to make sure that I have it; much like making sure I have my phone, my water bottle, my wallet and keys, now this has been added to my "very important things to have" list before I leave the house.

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It's been added to my laundry list. I make sure it's washed and ready to go. I have multiple masks, multiple styles of mask, depending on the place I'm going, how easy it is to breath out of. I have my go to the gym mask, I have my go to the grocery store mask, I have my wear it at work mask.

When the day comes where it's announced, "We no longer  have to wear masks." How long will it take for me to actually stop wearing one? How many days will you wait before you actually stop wearing yours? Are we going to stop wearing them, when the word comes down the pike that it is no longer necessary? Or is this the way we will be from now on?

I also wonder; have make up sales gone down due to covid? I know that I don't wear make up anymore if I'm just going to the store. I wonder when we will all have more permanent masks, like the one I just ordered? It cost me $34 but had great reviews and you wear it like a pair of glasses, and it gives you more face exposure, but covers your nose, mouth and chin well?

A year ago, I never though I'd end up adding a whole line of fashion to my life, in the shape of a face mask...but I'm hoping I can put them in my keepsakes once this is over, and never have to dig them back out again.

I life my glass to you...to the day we don't have to do this anymore. Our time will come.


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