This is something I have been seeing a lot since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Minnesota. People hanging their face masks from the rearview mirror of their cars.

At first glance it makes sense. A couple of area stores are requiring that people wear them, and other places they are encouraged. People are wearing them more to protect themselves but also others who might be more vulnerable to the virus. But we are only wearing them into stores. We don't wear them in our own homes so it doesn't make sense to take them out of the car with us, and we need a place to keep them.

The rearview mirror seems like the obvious choice. The mask can dangle there, not touching any other surface and becoming further contaminated. You may want to rethink where you put your face mask after you stop into the grocery store or go to that appointment.

Minnesota law prohibits any objects suspended between the driver and the windshield other than: sun visors, rearview mirrors, global positioning systems or navigation systems when mounted or located near the bottommost portion of the windshield; and electronic toll collection devices.

Hanging items are against the law. Even disability parking permits need to be taken down while the car is in motion. If officers see items hanging on the mirror blocking the driver's view they will conduct traffic stops and could issue a citation or warning.

See more on Minnesota's rearview mirror law here. Stay safe, and stay healthy!

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