2020 has been anything but ordinary, and entering into the 2020-2021 school year is no exception. School is undoubtedly going to look different this year, and there are something things on the school supply list* that we weren't thinking about last year at this time.

*I didn't actually find these things on school-issued supply lists, these are just things I know parents, students, and teachers are preparing for the upcoming educational year.

1. Masks

Who would have thought that masks would be part of the school uniform this year. No one envisioned their first day back to involve a face covering, but that is the world we live in now.

2.  Face Sheilds

My aunt is a teacher and was saying she is required to wear both a face mask and a shield to prevent spreading anything. Double the protection to try to keep everyone healthy.

3.  Hand Sanitizer

It is finally back on shelves after the shortage earlier this year and it will be everywhere. If I was a parent I know I would be stocking my kid up with it making sure they had some for their desk or locker.

4. Cleaning Spray

Certain brands are still hard to come by, but I know it will be used like crazy in classrooms. My teacher aunt said her desk needs to be wiped down between every student that comes up to ask her a question.

5. Tech Items for Distance Learning

If last year proved anything it was that tech in the educational system isn't going anywhere. It is more prominent than ever.

6. A Home School Set-Up

A dedicated area to learning at home was definitely not on last year's school supply list. This year there are dedicated school supply lists that indicate what items students should have at the ready at home for distance learning days.

7. Flexibility

Rolling with the punches and pivoting are all apart of the educational system this year. It will be all about making the most of an unprecedented situation and the more flexibility students, parents, and staff can bring to the table the better.

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