Organizers of an independent civil rights organization are calling for a National General Strike October 15.

October 15, 2021 has been labeled a National General Strike day by organizers of an independent civil rights group demanding change and improvement to America's working class. "The U.S. Government is not serving its people," cites the group at its website before providing a list of abuses, failures and inequalities by the government:

    • The United States is the only developed country that requires zero paid time off for maternity leave
    • Unemployment rose to 14% in 2021 because companies refused to raise wages
    • Only 100 corporations are responsible for 71% of all global carbon emissions
    • Federal Minimum wage hasn't been raised since 2009
    • 40 million Americans live at, or below the national poverty line
    • Pharmaceutical companies are extorting patients for medications
    • And the average American is $90,460 in debt just to afford basic necessities like housing, food, clothes, education, and medical bills

"Your labor is a bargaining tool, and you are worth more than what society is offering you," say strike organizers. "In an effort to combat this tyranny we propose a national Strike starting on October 15th, 2021."

Specific strike goals include a 25% corporate tax rate with no loopholes; free Healthcare for all; 12 weeks paid paternity and maternity leave; $20 minimum wage; 4 day work week; and stricter environmental regulations on corporations (Bans on single use and micro plastics, and limited emissions).

For those who support any or all goals, National General Strike recommends the following actions:

    • Abstain from going in to work starting on October 15th
    • Do not participate in economic activity starting on October 15th
    • Contact your Local Representatives to express our demands
    • Spread the word and inform your family, friends, and colleagues about the strike

National Strike organizers have also attempted to offer some peace of mind to those afraid of being fired for striking, citing that the NLRA protects the right to strike for non-union members; companies that have previously tried to retaliate against employees to poor results; and a guide to the National Labor Relations Acts.

USA Today recognizes the United Mine Workers of America Strike of 1946 as America's worst strike. It lasted from April 1, 1946 to Dec. 7, 1946, involved 400,000 strikers and saw a cumulative 70,400,000 days off the job.

You can read more about National General Strike planned for October 15 here.

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