Tomorrow marks the start of my favorite month, October! But, it seems that Central Minnesotans have already started to catch the "pumpkin spice bug." My neighbor lady has already started to display Halloween decorations AND pumpkins on her front porch--which begs the question, how soon is too soon to display or carve your pumpkins?

I mean, in all fairness, the entire month of October is fair game for Halloween celebration and decoration. If you're a true fan of fall, then you know that you don't want to wait too long to get your pumpkins because there'll  be slim pickings the closer you get to Halloween.

It's OK to buy your pumpkin right now and show them off to the neighborhood. Your neighbors might think it's a little too soon, but go ahead and let your Halloween flag fly! However, don't carve your pumpkin until the week before Halloween. UNLESS you don't plan on having them last until Halloween. Heck, if you want to carve pumpkins two or even three times this month, go ahead and carve those babies now. Otherwise, if you want your jack-o-lantern to last until Oct. 31, don't carve it more than a week before, or else they'll get rotten!

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