It's not Halloween until I've carved a pumpkin and this year I cut it pretty close. The entire month of October has been a complete blur because I've been super busy making plans for my wedding in November. I bought pumpkins last week and they've been sitting on my porch just waiting to be carved.


Finally, last night, my fiance and I decided to set aside some time to finally carve out our jack-o-lanterns...well, kind of. We didn't really turn them into scary jack-o-lanterns. My fiance carved out a cute owl with a glowing moon behind it and I carved a friendly ghost into mine.

We didn't want to do anything scary because we've got a lot of little kids in our neighborhood. I'm just relieved we didn't skip pumpkin carving this year because it's my tradition. I don't care how old I get, I will always carve pumpkins in October! How'd our pumpkins turn out?!

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