If you own a Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is begging you to power it down and get rid of it as fast as you can. Replacements are also catching fire.

My wife just received her new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the mail yesterday. It was exciting as she's been waiting for this phone for a couple weeks and it just arrived via FedEx. After immediately opening it she called Samsung and they walked her through activating her phone with her current phone number. It sounds like normal, right?

Sure, it's very normal...unless you take into account that the same day Samsung put out a statement basically begging people to power off their phone immediately and bring their phone back to where they got it from for a full refund. Why didn't they tell her this when she was on the phone with them?

Here's their statement about returning the phone that came out yesterday.

You may have heard in recent news that the Galaxy Note 7 was originally recalled because the battery could start on fire and blow up the phone. They said they fixed the issue and re-issued a 2nd version of the phone that just started shipping in the last week. There's now been a couple of reports that the new version also started on fire.

Most of us keep our phone on our bed table while we sleep, and a lot of us use it as our alarm to wake up. Not sure the alarm we're hoping for is the fire alarm activator. It's time to search for a totally different brand of phone at this point.

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