Imagine sitting anywhere you can think of, and projecting a movie or whatever on anything...all from your phone. No plug in required! This is the coolest gadget ever.

I recently got the Droid Moto Z phone and was told there's a few of these "mods" that can attach to the back of the phone. That was cool knowing that, but I didn't look too much into exactly what some of these mods were. I did some searching and found the coolest thing I've ever seen for a phone...a projector!

It really doesn't take much power at all of your phone, since you charge it beforehand. There's so many possibilities I can see with this super-portable projector.

Last night I setup the phone to project a Netflix TV series on the white tile in the kitchen while I helped my wife make dinner (Ok, while she made most of the dinner). That coupled with a bluetooth speaker was amazing. It's a crystal clear picture and can be projected on about anything.

I know what you're thinking about one of the uses for this, and I'm not even going to go there...

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