Have you ever been walked in on at work while zoned in on your phone? I got busted today doing that while on the air. Hopefully my excuse for 'why' I was on it won't get me fired.

We have our new 98.1 app, so I got pretty excited to play with it. It's like a new toy and you spend hours just clicking around all the things you can do.

Right after I installed it, I got an alert that we were in a tornado watch! My favorite part is how easy it is to share photos and videos with us, and I can't wait to see people sending some of those to us. If you see a tornado and capture it on your phone, be sure and send it to us through the app.

Get it HERE on Google Play, or HERE on the Apple store!

I'm glad I wasn't playing a game or something on my phone. The likelihood of me getting fired for this reason is probably low. Whewww!

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