You know what's fun? Not having a roommate.

The last roommate I had was such an alcoholic that he decided my living room carpet was a fine place to relieve himself. Didn't find out until years later when I was ripping up the old carpet to replace it...and found a giant pee stain in the middle of the living room carpet.


He also bought me a big bottle of Jägermeister for my birthday one year...and then drank the entire thing within a day.


At least I could leave the house to get away from him for a while.

Then there's Terry Virts. Terry is an astronaut who lived on the International Space Station for over half a year. And if anybody has sage advice on having roommates, it's an astronaut.

Terry gives us four big tips on surviving a roommate.

#1: DO Get Away From Each Other
Respect your roommate's personal space, and have a life outside of the apartment.


#2: EVENLY Split The Chores
Resentment builds if you (or your roommate) does all the cleaning. Terry recommends spending a few hours cleaning every Saturday. Speaking of resentment...

#3: DON'T Let Problems Build Up
Air your grievances more often than Festivus. Be honest, this IS someone who's paying half the rent! Do you want to pay all of it?

#4: DON'T Eat Your Roommate's Food
If you can't trust someone with your food, how can you trust them at all? You can't.

H/T: The Sun

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