Get ready for a meteor shower this weekend across Minnesota! The Leonid meteor shower is expected to peak on Saturday night, so why not get out and enjoy the show?

No need for binoculars, but you could use them to find a lost toolbox in space, to see this celestial event. says that viewers of the meteor shower may get to see "10 to 15 Leonid meteors per hour".

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At times this meteor shower has produced spectacular views, highlighted one recent shower that was so intense people thought that the Earth was lunging through space as the meteors looked like rain!

The famous Leonid meteor shower produced one of the greatest meteor storms in living memory. Rates were as high as thousands of meteors per minute during a 15-minute span on the morning of November 17, 1966. That night, Leonid meteors did, briefly, fall like rain. Some who witnessed it had a strong impression of Earth moving through space, fording the meteor stream. Leonid meteor storms sometimes recur in cycles of 33 to 34 years.

In terms of where you should be looking to view the shower, just look up, most times you'll see the tiny streaks of light scooting across the night sky in all directions during the peak hours.

The best time to take in the peak of the Leonid shower is between midnight and dawn on November 18th.

If you get a good shot of the meteor shower, make sure you share it with us using our free app!

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