If I would have picked any other day this month for my wedding day, I would have had beautiful weather that is abnormally warm and sunny for November. But, no. I picked the one day this month with rain in the forecast. That's pretty much my luck. It's fine though, I'm just happy it isn't snow.

Our ceremony and reception are both indoors. I'm just a little bummed out that I might not be able to get any neat pictures outdoors.

I've heard that rain on your wedding day is actually a sign of good luck...Have you ever heard that before? I think someone made that saying up to make the bride feel better about tons of rain on her wedding day.

To be honest though, the weather isn't going to affect my mood at all. It could snow for all I care. Nothing can "rain" on my parade that day. I'm just excited to be marrying my best friend!! Only 4 more days!! :)

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