This week is a bittersweet one weather-wise. As we wrap up September and officially kick off fall the weather is matching up perfectly.

The start of the week will bring sunshine and highs in the 80s, which very well could be the last time we see temperatures that high for the year. The average daytime high in October in Minnesota is anywhere from 65°F to 51°F and rarely exceeds 78°.
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Looking at the 10-day forecast that tracks. By next week we will be seeing steady daytime highs in the 60s.

As someone who much prefers summer to fall, seeing this decline in temperature is taking the wind right out of my sails, but it is a good reminder to make the most of the warm sunny days while we still have them. Lots of walks outside, hitting the hiking trails at Quarry Park seeing the changing colors, golfing in short sleeves, a final day or two at the lake, and absorbing as much warmth as possible before it is unceremoniously ripped away from us by Mother Nature. (And just a reminder, our first snowflakes fell mid-October last year, so get outside and savor!)

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