Are your recent high school graduates planning on heading to college this fall? If you've never sent a student to college before, then the tuition increase might not be all that shocking for you; but if you've sent kids in your household to college before, you may feel the pinch of a few more pennies out of your pocket.

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According to recent Board of Trustees documents, tuition will be going up by 3%. In June, the Minnesota Legislature also approved the higher education bill providing the Minnesota State school system with 56.4 million dollars over the next two years. That might sound like enough, until you realize what they asked for was 63.6 million dollars UNDER what the system requested.


Tuition's usually increase yearly but rates have been frozen for quite some time, coming out of the pandemic, and not getting even close to what they requested. Also, declining enrollment has affected revenue as well.

The documents also listed some of the risk factors that are unpredictable in determining enrollment. Some of those risk factors included students being forced to take online classes, liked them better and found them to be more advantageous than actually attending classes in person.

Some other factors in determining decline of enrollment included the interest in technical industries, and economic factors.

To find tuition rates for colleges your students are interested in, you can go to schools websites including the following:

Bemidji State University

Moorhead State University

Winona State University

University of Minnesota


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