The Associated Press recently reported that the Minnesota House passed a bill that would freeze tuition at technical colleges and two year community colleges for the next year. However, tuition at the University of Minnesota is likely set to increase next year...Yikes, prices are already pretty high there.


Tuition was pricey when I was in college and that was a few years ago already. My sister Samantha is going to college this year and I am blown away by how much it costs to get your degree nowadays. How in the world do they expect students to ever get out of debt when a degree costs nearly as much as a house--or more?! When I was in college I was making minimum wage. It's nearly impossible to support yourself on minimum wage AND pay off your crazy tuition debt. Most students rely heavily on loans and spend decades paying it all off.

Do you think the legislature should freeze tuition across the board for all colleges and universities, or do you think the prices are fine where they are?

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