Cinco de Mayo - to 'Muricans - is another excuse to party. It is in remembrance of Mexico's victory over France...years ago.

But here in America, we celebrate by getting inebriated!

'Murica (Getty Images)

With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday this year, the celebrating will be Corona Extra hard. If you don't want your Sunday to be defeated by Saturday night's Battle of the Shots, try preparing your body for the battle.

Four Ways to Prep Your Body For Cinco de Mayo Drinking

1) Water, Water, WATER!

- staying hydrated is key. Water is mentioned three times because you should drink water BEFORE the boozing, DURING the boozing, and AFTER the boozing.

2) Carb Load Before Getting Loaded

- alcohol will drain your body of glycogen, which is quick fuel for your liver. Carbs will help keep your glycogen levels up.

3) Tum TumTum Tum TUMS

- take an antacid before hitting the bar. Your stomach produces more acid when you booze it up, so an antacid will help minimize the effect.

4) Get Yeasty

- WTF? According to Jim Koch (the creator of Sam Adams beer), mixing some active dry yeast with yogurt before heading out will make you feel...not as terrible as you could the next day. Worth trying once!

H/T: Esquire-Thrillist-Marie Claire UK-Inverse

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