Step aside Bloody Mary, there is a new snack-based drink in town. The town of Grey Eagle anyway. The Historic Rock Tavern on Big Birch Lake in Grey Eagle as a new adult beverage that could satisfy any sweet tooth.

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this wild creation they have just put together. The Loaded Pabst Hard Coffee drink is enough to make any coffee or chocolate lover swoon. It starts with a base of the new Pabst Hard Coffee drink, then it is topped with whipped cream and a chocolate syrup drizzle. It doesn't end there. Two skewers are added to the glass that are layered with mini donettes, a whole Hostess Cupcake, and a Swiss Cake Roll.

It's like something Willy Wonka would serve if his candy factory had a bar for the adult chaparones that came with on the tour.

I don't even want to ask how many calories are in this drink. That math is reserved for someone else. The only math you need to know is that they are $6.50 a drink.

I, unfortunately, have an allergy to milk, and I know for a fact I can't have the base of this drink let alone anything attached to it, but I would love to go brunching with someone who can describe the flavor experience to me.

The Historic Rock Tavern can be found on County 47 on Big Birch Lake in Grey Eagle, Minnesota. Check out their full menu, it isn't all booze and chocolate, on their website and Facebook page.

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