In the country's fifth-most excessively-drinking state, we know our booze, so it only makes sense that we're a little different from most other states in the union.

Flyover state? More like HANGOVER state! Amirite?!

Hungover ?
Dear Lord just stop... (Getty Images)

So the latest Study sought to find each state's favorite cocktail. Whiskey sours and Long Island iced teas were the most popular overall. Good for them!

Minnesotans love a Bloody Mary, and we were the only state to choose it.

The study was conducted by Versus Reviews, which took Google search data from each state over 12 months.


A few surprises: Vermont loves Manhattans. Rhode Island loves Cosmopolitans. North and South Dakota love Sex on the Beach...maybe to make up for their lack of actual beaches?

My personal preference is a good smokey blended scotch served neat with a splash of water. Is that a cocktail? Fine...bourbon and ginger ale.

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