Earlier in October the Twin Cities held a Bloody Mary Festival, and the Red Rooster Bar & Grill in Genola participated in the competition. What's neat is that the 'Rooster' came away with a People's Choice award!

The festival was held on October 7th, and featured bars/distilleries from across Minnesota. Two of the competitors came from Central Minnesota, Obbink Distilling out of St. Joseph and of course the Red Rooster Bar & Grill from Genola.

The Rooster took home The People's Choice award for the second session of the day, while it appears Obbink didn't take home any hardware this year, knowing that staff will be ready for next year's competition.

Overall the best Bloody Mary from the festival was from an unlikely place, an airport. Yes, Holman's Table, which is "located at Holman Field at the Downtown STP airport" won the best traditional Bloody Mary.

The best original Bloody Mary went to Nico's Taco & Tequila Bar with locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

It took me a minute to figure out traditional vs original, but I think I figured it out. Traditional as in a 'normal' Bloody Mary, and Original as in what special twist did a business put on their Bloody Mary.

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You can see the full results, with links to the winning teams' Instagrams by heading here.

We've asked you before where the best Bloody Marys are, and it seems Central Minnesota has a few of the top spots for a Bloody, but as of now it seems the latest batch of hardware and the current 'title' belongs in Genola at the Red Rooster.

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