In all the technology, and all the progress, and all the communication options, in all the world; all the buttons, all the devices, all the apps; Facebook, Twitter, email, instant messaging, texting, iPads, laptops, phone calls, VOIP, Skype, iPhones, Android, and on and on and on – there’s one thing I wish we would all forget how to use.

'Reply All.’

First of all, using ‘Reply All’ is only going to get you in trouble. At some point in the future you will hit ‘Reply All’ to an email, assuming that the names you see will be the only recipients, forgetting that someone may have been BCC’d (Blind Copied). They will get an email from you that you never intended them to see. Not good.

Which reminds me of the golden rule of email: Never send something via email that you wouldn’t want the whole world to read. That will help keep you out of trouble too.

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However, none of this has anything to do with why I hate ‘Reply All.’ No, the reason I despise the option at the top of the screen is that for too many people it seems to be a big flashing neon invitation to endlessly (and needlessly) share their thoughts with every poor soul that was included in some mass distribution.

I am ok with the group question. “Does anyone have a great recipe for Hollandaise Sauce?” Fair question. Someone in my company making eggs benedict will send it out to all 900+ employees hoping to get the problem solved.

ATTENTION 900+ EMPLOYEES: I do not need to know every one of your Hollandaise Sauce recipes. One person asked the damn question, respond to them, not me and every other poor soul of whom the question was also asked. I am sure you are a very good and creative cook. You are also a waster of my time. Stop hitting ‘Reply All.’

My, my Pete’s a little touchy today. Wrong. Every day. No wait, about fifty times every day. I am going to be proposing the ‘Reply All’ tax when I run for president, and Americans will need to pay for wasting people’s time. (No, really I get it. You are a wonderful cook.) For every time I am included in a ‘Reply All’ response, I want to ask for a few seconds of my life back.

Ok, Ok. I am stepping away from the coffee pot. Maybe eight cups was to many. Rant over. But please, really. Stop the madness. Give peace a chance. Make love not war. Hug somebody. Believe. Imagine. Ok, I really am done now.

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