I was watching a TV show last night when one of the characters said to the other, “I can take care of myself, I need you to take care of you.” That works I suppose. Of course, there’s another approach too. One where you never have to think of yourself, or worry about your own best interest. That would all be taken care of.

It would be a world where no one thought of themselves, and instead spent all of their energy making sure the others around them had their needs met. Everyone would be so busy trying to help and nurture everyone else, that they would have no time to worry about themselves. The beauty of it is that all those other people would be busy taking care of, nurturing, and looking out for your best interest.

Now of course this is never really going to happen. And it is probably not even the best way for the world to turn. However, a little bit of this kind of thinking every now and then would go a long way; on a global scale and at home.

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Occasionally, do something just because it’s in someone elses’s best interest. Throw them a bone. Practice one of those random acts of kindness. Go out of your way. Surprise them with your selflessness.

The rest of the world will wonder what you’re up to.

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