When was the last time you heard someone complaining about something? Ten seconds ago? Thirty seconds ago? A minute ago? I’m officially adding ‘complaining’ to the death and taxes discussion. Too many people spend too much time looking for their next fight. Baseball? I am beginning to think that complaining is America’s pastime.

We all want to be right, right? We’ll if you generally think that the world, the day, and people are good; you will spend your time looking for examples to reinforce that thinking. To prove you’re right. If you generally think the world, the day, and people are bad; you will spend your time looking for examples to reinforce that. To prove you’re right.

Guess which group is happier? Which way you think is a conscious choice by the way. The glass isn’t just half empty or half full. You decide which way it is. Every second of every day.

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I had a boss once tell me that the biggest waste of someone’s energy is to complain about something to someone that couldn’t do anything about it. If you think you have to complain about something, at least direct your concerns at someone that has the power to make things better. Otherwise save your hot air. I couldn’t agree more Joe.

Joe and I worked in Indiana together. We went our separate ways. It is October. Joe lives in Miami (High today 84). I live in Minnesota (High today 48). I’d like to file a complaint.

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