We see it all the time. Someone in the world drops the ball, and doesn’t do something they most likely should have. Didn’t do their job. Didn’t finish a task. Did something incorrectly. You name it. Someone else comes along and does the job, finishes the task, or corrects the mistake. They could be the ‘hero,’ but too often they’re not.

Why not the ‘hero?’ Because they couldn’t step up and do the job, finish the task, or correct the mistake without complaining about it. Complaining about the person whom they are doing the job for. Whining about having to finish the job. Cranky about having to correct another mistake.

You’re not helping.

All you’re doing is exchanging one negative situation for another one. Your irritability is no better than the unfinished job. You’re just substituting one bottle of poison for another.

Far better to recognize a situation that needs to be fixed. Fix it. And move on.

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