Ok, go ahead. Laugh, point fingers, snicker. I used to watch Oprah quite a bit. (I also watched the CBS soaps too. Bold & The Beautiful was my favorite.) Part of it was the fact that I didn’t have cable, which limited my choices to Judge Judy, the guy painting on PBS, and Oprah.

Back when Dr. Phil was an occasional Oprah guest I thought he was great. Now I think he has too much show, and too little material.

One afternoon Dr. Phil was sitting with a married couple who fought about every insignificant thing you could imagine. It was ridiculous. I can’t even remember what the husband was complaining about when Dr. Phil looked at him and said, “Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?”

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Never forget these words. Seriously, how powerful is that? They don’t always apply. Sometimes it is important to be right. (I for example, would rather have my surgeon be right, than happy.) But always having to be right will leave you feeling unaccomplished, and everyone around you running for the door. Ask yourself if you are needing to be “right” because it really matters, or are you needing to be “right” just for the sake of being “right.” Therein lies the difference.

Two final points. First, the husband that day on Dr. Phil had no idea what the good doctor was talking about. And second, I think the real reason I like the Bold & The Beautiful is that it’s the only half-hour soap, and that just fits my short attention span a little better. Right?

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