What’s the best way to insulate yourself from ridicule, being unfairly judged, and being gossiped about? Ok, let me rephrase that because there’s no way to stop ridicule, judgment, and gossip in the world. So, what’s the best way to insulate yourself from caring about being ridiculed, being unfairly judged, and being gossiped about?

Doing your best.

If you know in your heart that you are doing your best, then you care a whole lot less about what others are saying about you. You certainly don’t need to take what they are saying personally, because you are doing your best. ‘Best’ doesn’t come in degrees. Best is best. It’s an absolute.

If you are not doing your best, then not only might others have a valid point, but you leave yourself open to self-doubt and self-ridicule, which is even more powerful than what others could say or do.

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Now your best is different all the time. Depends on the situation, your health, the resources. If you have a miserable cold, your best might be something different than if you were at the top of your game. Only you will know if you are doing your best. And you will know. Doing your best isn’t for anyone else to see, hear, or feel. It is for you to know. And you can’t fool yourself.

In the words of one my least favorite characters I’ve ever heard on the the radio, Dr. Laura Schlessinger; “Now go do the right thing.” (If she’s doing here best, she doesn’t care that I feel that way about her.)

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