Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs. (As a Vikings fan, saying those words does not come easy.)

The NFL season is long, difficult, and trying. Training camp starts in July, but make no mistake, there aren’t any weeks off for a player (not one that wants to be great). Ending the run as Super Bowl Champions really says something about the team and the individuals.

Is there something you want to be great at? No, I mean really great, the best? There’s one thing I know for sure about being great; there’s no shortcut to getting there.

It takes commitment, determination, and good, old-fashioned hard work (and lots of it). I mean ‘other people will point and laugh’ hard work. The kind of preparation that will make others think you have lost your mind. Good news: they don’t have to understand.

Dream big. Aim high. Be great. (And make others shake their heads.)

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