If what we think about expands, then we want to focus on thinking about good, positive stuff right? That’s what we want to see growing in our lives. If we think about negative things, then that is what we will see happening around us. Not good. Now if our own negative thoughts can have that kind of effect on us, what happens if we spread it around to others?

Well, then we’re in the business of dealing poison.

Gossip, back-stabbing, negative attitude, complaining, whining; those kinds of things are all just different brands of poison. If you participate in those activities, then you are spreading poison. No two ways about it. You either do or you don’t. And don’t think you can just gossip ‘a little,’ or whine ‘a little’ and it’s ok. Poison is poison, and poison kills. Just spreading poison occasionally, or a little here and a little there is just not ok. We’re talking about poison here.

When you decide to deal poison, you’re saying. “It’s not enough for my negative thoughts to have a bad effect on just me. I want to take some others down with me.” And once you open that jar of poison, you have no control as to how far it will spread.

Get in the habit of recognizing when you’re about to dish out some poison, and stop yourself in your tracks. Spreading poison is a habit. A lot of the world craves it. Don’t be a supplier. “If the world wants poison, they’re going to have to get it somewhere else.”

Mom was right. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” Really!

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